Nodstop LLC | Head Support Products


Nodstop has two products.  Click on each link below to find out about them.

  1. Nodstop Special Needs 

  2. Nodstop Travel


Nodstop products are ergonically designed to support the head, neck and shoulders. 

The main design features and intended therapeutic functions of these great products are:


  • Comfort
  • Support
  • Relaxation
  •  Alignment

Nodstop® is a patented headband made of soft fleece or wicking polyester designed to provide superior head support for a variety of uses and conditions. It is comprised of an elastic band covered with soft material and secured with hook-and-loop straps. It is available in a variety of lengths to accommodate many different widths of seatbacks – from wheelchairs to small strollers and car seats to the widest recliner. Various sized caps and hats may be attached to help provide stability during use and prevent the band from slipping down. Nodstop® is packaged in a compact, rip stop nylon bag that fits easily in purse, briefcase or carry-on.


Nodstop products are made in the USA at the Rockwest Training facilities by skilled handicapped employees.