Why Nodstop | Head Support Products


Do you realize that there are 250,000-350,000 people who suffer from MS just in the US, 764,000 children and adults suffer from Cerebral Palsy, thats 1 in every 278 children,and over 5.4 million suffer from Alzheimers — not to mention the others who suffer from traumatic brain injuries?  Nodstop Special Needs is designed to help all people who can’t hold up their own heads for a variety of physical reasons.


“Doc, my neck hurts!”  Chiropractors and Physical Therapists agree that many of their patients suffer from neck pain and poor spine alignment from falling asleep in their recliner chairs. Nodstop is designed to hold your head and neck in a comfortable upright position so you can wake from that cat nap refreshed in your recliner or any other high backed chair.